Your Guide To Building A Custom Cat Hat

Below, you will find photos of the newest furs currently available for building custom orders. Each swatch is assigned a ‘fur code’ which will be used to specify colors when emailing us your specific choices in furs. If, perhaps, you are looking for a specific color or pattern or fur that’s not currently in our posted stock, please let us know! We may have some that’s not posted or can attain some for your specific order.

Choosing color and patterns can be overwhelming – so simplify it! Where would you be wearing your Cat Hat the most? What activities might you be doing together? Does it need to match your favorite outfits? How about for special occasions? Don’t forget to have fun with it! Remember, each Cat Hat is created unique from one hat to the next and when it comes to custom orders the rule also applies – after deciding on the very basic pieces of your hat, the sky is the limit!

How much does a custom Cat Hat cost?

  • $80 allows you to choose the colours of your Small Adult/Child Size Cat Hat! The hugs reach approx. 20” long and comes with Cat shaped ears only.
  • $120 secures you a completely custom Regular Adult Sized hat! This hat has regular length hugs 26-28” in length and your choice of either Cat or Bear ears. Custom tails are available, in both round bunny tails and long tails (up to 25” in length).

How much does it cost to upgrade elements? (ie.Upgraded Ears)

Upgrades vary from $5 to $40/each, depending on the amount of material(s), time and availability.

Custom Cat Hat Elements & Options

Consider both front and back colors, your choice between:

  • The classic cat, in a triangular shape or
  • Bear ear style, rounded
  • For a basic hood your best option is a long or medium cut of fur, in either a medium or heavy weight. If your choose to pair your hood with a mane then short furs are also applicable.
  • For no extra cost, you can choose to make your hat in Half’n Half Style.
  • Hanging down from the hood, are ‘hugs’. The basic length reaches 24-28”. All listed colours can be mixed and rearranged to create the hugs. However, due to strength and stability, short furs are not recommended to take up the entire hug and/or large areas of the hugs.
  • For no extra cost, you can choose to make your hat in Half’n Half Style.

We only use 100% cotton on the inside of Cat Hats. Choose from the cottons we have in stock (below)!

  • Woodland Ears: You want more of a fox, red panda or wolf-like looking hood? Perfect! This perky ear style requires three parts: a back fur and two front furs – an outlining and inner fur.
  • Bunny Rabbit Ears: Large, floppy and extra cute! Just like the classic ear there are two parts, outer and inner ear furs.
  • Mythical Ears:  Depending on the furs you choose this type of ear style translates well when resembling deer and sheep, even dogs or rabbits! Pair these ears with horns for the most unique of Cat Hat designs.
  • Mane: Adding strength and room to your hood, this is a necessary option for those with larger hair styles. We suggest choosing a longer fur for the mane than you’ve chosen for the hood (or the same length in the case of two long furs).
  • Spots: Ultra rare!  Very few hats have ever been made with spots covering the hood, we don’t know why since they are so cool!
  • Mohawk: A strip down the back of the hood, adding shape, room and a little extra personality to Cat Hats.
  • Mystical Horns: Have a hankering for something out of the ordinary? Fantasy to realistic and natural, one-of-a-kind hand sculpted horns can be added to your Cat Hat. They best match our Woodland or Mystical Ear style. We outsource the horns to a friend, Saija (of Saija Spirals Artwork) in Red Deer, Alberta, which means wait times will be increased if you’d like a pair made to your custom specifications (or a pair that we do not already have in stock) so please be warned.
  • Extended Hugs: Reaching up to 38-40”, this is the most popular choice in upgrades. Just like regular hugs, feel free to mix and match several or many furs together – sometimes choosing a longer cut of fur for the very tips of the hugs finishes it nicely.
  • Utility/Lobster Clips: Great for attaching items to your hat for safe keeping and quick retrieval! Examples: your flashlight, kaleidoscope, hand sanitizer or anything else with a key ring. Placed evenly on both sides, they also work great when clipped together – holding your hat in place.
  • Poi Capabilities: Turning your hat into an interactive flow tool, the hugs are over extended up to 45-50” and equipped with light but sturdy weights – practicing poi has never felt so safe, mobile and convenient!

Zipper Pockets: Added to the lining of your hood, this optional pocket is big enough to host your keys, wallet, first aid supplies, ice packs or whatever you may need throughout your adventures.

Specific Cotton: If none of the cottons in stock are what you envision for your hat, you can make a specific request for a cotton of a certain pattern, colour, theme etc.

*Important Note

* Please note, once your custom hat has been made IT CANNOT BE CHANGED. Do your best to be as clear as possible with the details of your hat – remaking it from scratch is the only alternative if miscommunication leads to a hat that is not what you imagined.

A 50% deposit is required before construction can begin. The last 50% will be paid upon completion, once photos of the finished product are sent your way. If your order is under $100 (before sales taxes) the full amount must be paid up front.

Finally, Cat Hats are made unique! We do not incorporate design ideas already in use by other fiber/textile artists. Please do not ask for us to incorporate someone else’s design into your custom Cat Hat.  What might be an example of such a characteristic? Pockets at the bottom of your hat’s hugs made to resemble mittens are the most commonly asked trait to duplicate. Sorry for any convenience our originally may cause, we simply strive to provide a one-of-a-kind product! We welcome original ideas though, so don’t be discouraged if you have a creative trick up your sleeve for your next custom Cat Hat!

Colours below may vary slightly from the appearance of the furs in real life due to lighting, screen variations etc, so if you’d like some colour clarification just let us know! In addition, each cut and colour of fur varies in availability so make sure you pick second and third choices when considering furs.

TIP: The letter at the beginning of each Fur Code tells of the fur’s length. S=Short, M=Medium, L=Long (1.4”-2”), XL=Extra Long (2.5″+)

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